Business Challenge:

Trilliant provides network solutions and software for monitoring and controlling electric, gas, and water utility use in real time through the Trilliant ‘Smart Grid Network’. Trilliant’s services provide utility companies with state‐of‐the‐art metering and communications infrastructures that can reduce energy consumption and costs for consumers. As a cutting edge energy solutions firm, Trilliant’s business operations rely on the ability to quickly react to customer concerns and requests.

Trilliant’s CIO Tom Hines initially approached PerfectApps due to its simplicity and flexibility, compared to other SaaS solutions. Tom’s experience while implementing the service helped him realize that Trilliant’s entire Non-Disclosure Agreement process could be easily automated using a PerfectApps’ custom web application. Since that time, PerfectApps has become an essential tool in streamlining Trilliant’s day-to-day operations.

PerfectApps’ Solution:

In addition to providing web application creation and workflow automation capabilities, PerfectApps is used by Trilliant as a powerful process mapping tool, which allows administrators to understand and streamline workflow processes. By identifying daily work connection points, Trilliant is able to document all pending items and procedures, better address inefficiencies and manage resource investments. This internal management process has been greatly improved thanks to the versatile nature of PerfectApps, saving Trilliant significant time and money.

Through the implementation of the no-code solutions built with PerfectApps, Trilliant was able to substantially decrease customer service response time and simplify their organizational change management process. By shoring up efficiencies within its Smart Grid solutions framework, PerfectApps was able to assist Trilliant’s efforts on providing customers with better, more reliable energy solutions.

  • Offsite simplicity. PerfectApps reduces adoption costs and allows Trilliant to keep all documentation secure within a reliable framework.


  • Reduced maintenance costs. Since the application development platform is hosted in the Cloud, server maintenance costs were eliminated.


  • Increasing productivity through streamlining workflow. Trilliant reports that the new workflow management process allows administrators to identify process bottlenecks, allowing the company to drastically streamline processes.


  • Expanded business opportunities. Trilliant cites that PerfectApps easily adapts and integrates with existing third party systems across the organization, expanding opportunities in other business divisions.


“The best solution is one that meets or exceeds your needs and PerfectApps does that for us!”

Tom Hines



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