Globe and workflow processes impacted by COVID-19
Globe and workflow processes impacted by COVID-19

Build applications to support new COVID-19 related workflow processes

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has presented unprecedented challenges around the world. It is inspiring to see people, as a community, come together virtually and on the front lines to help others as we do our best to minimize the devastating impacts. At a time like this, technology can help us overcome challenges associated with new protocols and facilitate remote work to keep employees safe and productive.

At PerfectApps, we are seeing customers in healthcare, government, school districts, colleges and many other industries implement new workflow processes, online forms and reports to manage and monitor their response to COVID-19. Examples of some COVID-19 related workflow processes, online forms and reports include:

· Employee leave tracking/reporting
· Mandatory compliance reporting and audit tracking
· Asset management tracking
· Health related assessments
· Inventory tracking
· Time tracking/reporting

working together

With PerfectApps, you can build online forms and workflow applications that meet your new requirements and launch the applications faster than traditional development methods. We also offer professional services if you need help implementing new processes quickly, in case you may be experiencing resource constraints. Please reach out if we can help you. We hope you, your family and coworkers remain safe and healthy during this challenging time.