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Publishing and Deploying Your App

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To test an app before publishing it, you may want to fill out and submit the app yourself using draft mode. For more information on creating test or draft instances, see the Testing Your App Using Draft Instances topic.


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Complete the following steps to publish an app:


1.Load an app in the App Designer. Make changes to the app.

2.On the menu bar, click File > Save.

3.On the menu bar, click File > Close. PerfectApps loads the Apps Workspace and shows that the version is 0.1 if the app is new.

4.Click the Publish button Universal - Publish button in the details area of the Workspace for that app.


What Publishing Does Behind the Scenes


When you publish an app, all data is stored as app instance data and will be displayed within reporting and other areas of the system. Once an app is published, any references and links that point to the app will always use the latest app version. Any app instances that were already in existence and were created from earlier app versions can be managed from that older app version. For more information, see the Working with Versions topic.